​.Q: What is a "Good Check"?

A: A "Good Check" is one that has sufficient funds to clear the next day, and when you have brought a valid picture ID with you the day of the sale.

Q: Do you take Credit Cards?

A: At this moment we are unable to guarantee cell service needed to run credit cards at ALL auction sites. To reduce confusion, we only accept Cash or Checks at our on-site sales.

Q: Rain or Shine?

A: We prefer shine, but we will run our sales regardless of weather. We are in New England, dress appropriately! The only reason way we would postpone a sale is if the State posts a State of Emergency limiting transportation., or extreme weather conditions. 

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No. Jacquier Auctions is not JUST auctions. We do appraisals for tax or estate purposes as well. For more information, or to schedule a time for us to come out, please contact us!

    Cash or Good Check day of Sale ONLY. No Credit cards. All items must be paid for the day of auction. Valid picture ID needed to register. Announcements made morning of the Sale are binding. Sales tax will be Buyer's responsibility to pay, unless tax exemption supplied.

This family run business has been making Sellers and Buyers happy for over 40 years. Learn how Jacquier Auctions has grown and changed over time to be a professional auction service that has gotten results.

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Jacquier Auctions in Southwick, MA specializes in on-site auctions. From setting up to loading up, we do it all. Learn more about what options we have for your estate or business liquidation.

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We are getting ready for another auction this year!  December, 1, 2018 at 9:00 am, 100 Honey Pot Road, Hadley, MA

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